Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A test post

I started scrapbooking a couple of months ago and I am addicted! I love all things pretty, the smell of paper... My happiest days are the ones when I receive some new scrapbook supplies (wink wink!).

I have never blogged in my life either, so please bear with me here... Hopefully I will manage to overcome my technical limitations too, I will certainly do my best! I will work on my photo taking skills too :). 

I actually only decided about 4 hours ago that I will start writing a blog so I don't have process photos of any of my existing layouts, but I will make sure to take some from now on I promise.

You can find a link here to my gallery on, so you can see some of my work.

I will however add some of my favourites here too. It is very hard to choose, but on purpose I selected the ones I have not totally scraplifted from someone (that's what it's called when I borrow someone's idea right?!). Although there still are some that were completely inspired by my favourite designer, Ashley Horton! As you can tell I am in love with cut files. I bought a lot of them from The Cut Shoppe. Since I had bought my Silhouette Cameo there has not been a day I haven't used it. Just the most amazing gadget I have ever owned!

Please do leave a comment with suggestions on how to make this blog better, more professional or anything else you feel like sharing. I will do my best to take everything into consideration. Thank you so much for your help in advance!