Thursday, January 21, 2016

First layouts on the I KROPKA design team - aka what happens when my Cameo quits on me!

Hi there,

I am so honored and excited to have been chosen for the I KROPKA Design Team for this term! I hope to be able to inspire you in some way!

I am in love with their chipboards! They look like wood veneer and are of such great quality. When I got my package full of awesomeness I just couldn't wait to dig in! I've ordered a lot of Christmas themed chipboards because I still have many photos from the holidays that I haven't scrapped yet... So here are my first layouts, I hope you enjoy!

Chipboards I've used:

Street lamps 1 (embossed)
Street lamps 2 (embossed)
Snow (painted and embossed)
Frame (for this I've used the frame this frame set came in!) (misted)

Chipboards I've used:

Mat under the photo (I've actually used the inner part of this frame, I throw nothing away ha!)

Chipboards I've used:

Christmas baubles (embossed)
Girland (embossed)

Chipboards I've used:

Standard pine trees (some embossed, some left plain)
Funky trees (some embossed, some left plain)
Silhouette trees (some embossed, some left plain)
Snow (painted and embossed)
This gorgeous grey background paper is also from I KROPKA :)

Last but not least I've challenged myself to make cards (I never do) for a friend who also sent me some cards! And because watercoloring relaxes me :D. Here they are:

Chipboards I've used:

Star (embossed)
Funky trees (embossed)

Thanks for stopping by! 

See you here next month for a pretty cool challenge and some more inspirations! XXX