Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December Daily Workshop with the amazing Kelly Purkey at Scrapbook Werkstatt

Hello there,

Well... Actually this WS was already weeks ago, I just didn't get round to write about it until now...

I had been so excited for weeks to finally go to my first ever scrapbook workshop and with no other than the gorgeous and insanely talented Kelly Purkey! Who also happens to be the person whose scrapbook video got me into scrapbooking! Back then I was still into about baking/decorating, so I was watching a lot of tutorials on Craftsy and for whatever reason I accidentally bumped into Kelly's class, bought it, loved it, bought her collection Grand Bazaar (still my favorite!) and a couple months later started scrapping! I do hope this hobby will stay with me for good because I'm tired of getting bored with each craft after a short time! Baking/decorating was the longest I'd been interested in something I think with a bit more than 2 years...
I always invest a load of money into buying all the supplies for each new craft I want to try...I have a huge cupboard full of baking supplies, many of which I haven't even used once!

But back to scrapbooking...So the WS was off to a rough start...We received an email from the girls at Scrapbook Werkstatt the night before saying that Kelly's flight had been cancelled! Long story short they managed to get her on one of the owner's husband's flight (who happens to be a pilot and happened to be in the States that day, flying back to Frankfurt that night!). He also "hand-delivered" Kelly to the WS from the airport! Proving that Lufthansa pilots can do more than strike all the time :). So the WS started a little late, but not bad at all considering what that poor girl had to go through! She said she had broken down at the airport in front of everyone worrying she would not be able to come! Awww!

So naturally we were all celebrating when she finally came through the door! She also took all the supplies with her, so much stuff! Her DD kit is just beautiful and so unique! Not traditional Christmas colors at all.

She was amazing and very helpful. Smiling all the time - I'm not sure I would have been able to do that after all the trouble with the flights! She even took pictures with everyone and wrote a few kind words in our albums!

Of course I had to scrap the photos I took (not many because I was busy trying to keep up hahaha!) right away. I did 2 layouts using, what else, her Grand Bazaar collection :).

I'll also post some photos of what we made at the WS!

Hope you like!