Friday, December 17, 2021

Home Sweet Home - DT Layout for Paige Evans

Hi there lovelies,

Stopping by today to share a new layout with you that I've created for the Paige Evans Design Team, using the lovely Bungalow Lane and Wonders collections.

You can achieve so many different looks with Paige's collections, because they are always so full of color and you can put together so many different color combos from feminine to masculine, there's something for everyone!

I knew which photos I wanted to scrap, I knew that I wanted to use one of Paige's stitching cut files, but I had no idea which papers I wanted to use! So I printed my photos and I was trying to figure out what background to use. As I was going through the papers, I realized that Paper 3 was a pretty perfect match for the colors in my photo. But of course I could forget about stitching cut files if I were to use it. The dilemma!

Looking at the paper, all I saw was hexagons (even though it's triangles). Since I love hexa layouts, I decided to go with that idea. I cut the paper in strips, then into little triangles. I sorted them by color, then created various hexagons to see what they would look like.

Unfortunately I already used up all the papers I wanted to use for background (Paper 7) so I had to look for something else. Eventually I decided on a green paper from the previous, Wonders collection, Paper 14

I arranged my hexagons and once I was happy with their placement, I started gluing them down. I only added a teeny bit of glue in the middle of each triangle because I was planning to bend up the sides for some dimension and interest. I also left a bit of space in between each triangle so I could add some hand stitching without stitching over the shapes, or I wouldn't have been able to bend up their sides.

So I eventually ended up with some hand stitching, only I didn't use any cut files. Maybe next time! 

I added some tissue paper behind my photos, as well as some pieces of ephemera, then adhered them to the background. I pulled out a variety of embellishments that I thought would go well with my chosen colors; cardstock stickers, foam stickers, layered banner stickers and puffy stickers. I added little puffy sticker buttons to some of the hexagons. Not all, because I didn't have enough buttons, ha! 

For my title I used a foam sticker, saying Home Sweet Home. These pictures were taken at my late grandparents' vineyard at Lake Balaton, Hungary, this summer. I spent all my childhood summers here, with my grandparents, aunt and uncle and my cousins. I absolutely loved it. I haven't visited much as an adult, mainly because I've been living in Germany and when we go home to visit my parents, it's usually winter and no one goes to the vineyard then. We normally go on summer vacation elsewhere. However, with covid, we haven't been travelling and instead we went home to visit family the past two summers. My boyfriend (or I guess at my age I probably should start calling him my partner haha!) had never been to Lake Balaton in the summer before last year and he absolutely loved it. The vineyard is on the hill so it has the most amazing views on the lake. Plus my uncle is pretty fun, there's lots of wine, good food, so you know, it was easy for him to fall in love with the place. Me, I get super nostalgic, I get tears in my eyes looking at the lake, remembering my beloved grandparents. I miss them so much.

Long story short - this is why Home Sweet Home was the perfect title for this page!

Oh and another story while I'm at it! The reason this picture was actually taken, was to prove to my uncle that my 13-year-old kid had outgrown all of them :D Granted, it was unavoidable, I mean, at his age I was also already taller than this side of my family haha!

Gosh, sorry for the long post, like I said...nostalgia!

Back to the layout! I used foam tape to adhere all my stickers, my title as well. To finish it off, I stamped my date on a tab sticker from the sticker book and tucked it under one of my photos. Then I wrote my journaling using a navy fine tip pen. Done and done!

I hope I could inspire you to look at your patterned papers differently!
Thank you so much for stopping by!
Have a great day!


Wednesday, December 1, 2021

In the spotlight: Spellbinders Small and Large Die of the Month kits - December 2021

Hi there friends,

It's that time again! The Spellbinders December Club Kits are here!

I will not go into step by step tutorials here, since I made process videos for all of today's projects - I'll just attach some photos! I'll link the videos down below, after each set of cards. You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel and press the bell icon so you never miss a new video! You'll find all the supplies I've used linked in the description boxes of the videos.

As a reminder, Spellbinders have several monthly kits, which are really great! You can subscribe to:

You can find all necessary information about these kits here.  

First up some cards with the Large Die Kit!

Here's the process video, if you're interested:

Next up, my cards with the Small Die Kit!

And the process video:

That's it for today guys! I hope I could inspire you in some small way!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!