Thursday, July 7, 2016

Getting to know you blog hop at The Cut Shoppe

Hello dear friends,

Us girls at The Cut Shoppe are bringing you a blog hop today, so you can get to know us better! I hope you'll hop along! 

Let's start with a little Q&A :)

How many times in a week do you work on something scrapbook related?
At the moment I work on something every day because I am on sick leave and have time. When I'm working, I am only able to scrapbook at the weekends.

What is your favourite subject to scrapbook?
My son and my family.

What is your favourite color to use on your layouts/projects? What is your least favourite color?
I am a fan of colors! It can be any color, for me it more depends on the combination of colors. For instance, I am not a fan of red but I don't mind using it in a rainbow color design. But I hate it together with only yellow or with yellow and blue for instance. Having said that, green has been my most favourite color for the past 15 years or so, especially lime/citrus green. I don't like what I call Christmas green though. No darker shades!

Why do you like using cut files on your layouts/projects?
They inspire me! I often start working on a layout by looking at my cut files first, what I want to use at that moment. I find they add a fun element, dimension and texture to a project. And they are very versatile, there's a million way you can use them, modify them to make them your own unique design! I hardly ever do a layout without a cut file!

What are some of your other favourite hobbies? If you were not a scrapbooker, what other hobby do you think would consume most of your time?
I don't have any. I'm always so focused on one hobby! I changed hobbies a lot over the years, but they were all crafting: from mosaics to silk paint to cake decorating, I tried it all. That said, I wish I'd do some sport as a hobby!

Tell us 5 things we don't know about you!
OK so these will be totally random!
1. I passionately HATE cooking. I didn't use to but over the years this feeling grew and grew stronger to a point where I simply don't cook at all. Ever. Luckily my boyfriend loves cooking.
2. I'm Hungarian but have been living in Germany for almost 12 years. It was supposed to be temporary but I like it here. I always thought we'd move to Holland eventually but we keep putting it off. Hopefully one day we will because I am a fan of Holland and we would be around some family!
3. Since I scrapbook I've only bought a couple of shoes. I used to be addicted to them and buy at least 2 pairs of beautiful stilettos every month. Now they are just home deco! I have at least 10 pairs I have never worn.
4. I'm tall, 5'11". I used to hate it as a kid because I always stood out, but now I don't mind. Also, since I am with my boyfriend, I am the shortest girl around haha! (lots of tall women in his family!)
5. I never wear make up, other than mascara. You'd think at my age I'd know how to apply it but really, who has the time for it lol?!

I've created a layout for this blog hop too. I've used the "I'll fly away" cut file. I absolutely had to buy the new Millie&June line from Fancy Pants even though I generally don't scrap a lot of feminine layouts...I decided to document my special relationship with my cousin, who I grew up with and who is more like a sister to me than a cousin! Even the name of the line reminds me of the two mischievous little girls we used to be <3. So, I thought if feminine, then I might as well use this butterfly cut file finally! Take a look:

I hope you like what you see and it encourages you to use cut files! They are so fun!

Oh, and there's something to be won too! Just leave a comment below until Sunday, July 10 and I will pick a random winner who receives a $5 Gift Certificate to The Cut Shoppe Etsy Store. You can win on every designer's blog so make sure to check them all out! Winners will be announced on The Cut Shoppe blog on Wednesday, July 13, so don't forget to check back that day!

Now go on, hop on over to my awesome scrappy friend, Jen McMurtrey's blog! ENJOY XXX