Friday, August 23, 2019

Yes - DT layout for Paige Evans

Hello crafty friends,

I'm back today with a new layout for the Paige Evans Design Team! I actually made another boys layout - I hope some of you will be happy about it! There were some comments in Paige's Facebook group how there is not enough boy layout inspiration out there and sadly, I have to agree. I guess one of the reasons is that we, women, often love flowers, butterflies, hearts and all things girly! I know I do. When I started scrapbooking I hardly ever used feminine things on my layouts and boy, it was hard! I say, use whatever you want on your layouts, don't limit yourselves by what other people consider to be the "norm" or acceptable! Then of course there's the other thing...Most companies make very feminine collections, there really isn't many products to choose from when it comes to boys! Or if there is, the colors are always the same, blue, orange, maybe gray and green. Which is why I actually love Paige's collections, because there's literally all the colors of the rainbow in them and as such, you can easily come up with color combos that are great for boys. Truly Grateful, the collection I've used on today's project, has lots of generic embellies too that work on any layout!

The cut file I chose is called Diced Circles (Design ID: 246538) - I just added an outline so that I could use the die cut as a separate layer, and it was not just a shape in my background - if that makes any sense! At this point I didn't have ideas as to what to do with it, I just wanted to back it first. I chose various shades of blue and green papers and went from darkest to lightest. Well, kind of. And then the unimaginable happened...

What a mess! Glue all over my cut file and patterned paper, ohemgee!!! It happened at night and with my boy asleep, I could not use my Cameo, so I had to come up with something to save whatever I could. I cut out the damaged piece and right away I had an idea! What if I cut it apart and puzzle it all back together, like a pie chart or so? 

I printed a big photo to fill in the empty space - it's kinda awesome how Maxim's T-shirt has similar color stripes as the papers I chose for my cut file! Total accident. 

I played with the arrangement for quite a while...I kept cutting the cut file into more pieces because I didn't like the shape haha! Some of the pie pieces have a white border, some don't, but this seemed like the only way to go and to be honest it doesn't bug me much. I added foam adhesive behind some of them for some dimension and interest. I went through all embellies, picked out whatever matched my chosen colors and scattered them around the circle. I added my title plus some additional words, just because I liked the colors and they fit the theme of my picture. I stitched these down so they stay put for sure.

To finish off my page, I wrote my (barely visible) journaling and added my date. Done!

I hope you like this layout and I could inspire you in some small way!

Happy crafting!